Who is the person behind startingawebinar

Welcome to my Webinarblog,

This page shows you all about Webinars. What the benefits of them and what are the best products to choose. There are several Webinarsoftwares to get. The question is what the best product is. That’s the question I am going to answer.




Who is the person behind Startingawebinar.com?


Simply, Me! …. Just kidding, my name is Marco Breuer. I’m from Germany and 27 years young.
I decided to set up this Website as an Affiliate platform where I can advertise stuff I am convinced of.
In my opinion it is important to be honest to your customers. So that’s the reason why I release the curtain to show my Face. My future planes are to also offer my skills to you. Through my social studies I got a lot of social skills and methods I can show you. Why? Because sharing is great, every lesson teaches you something. Don’t matter if your student or teacher.

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It was a hard decision to starting with personal branding but there is no better way than being in business. You can’t learn from the theory what the practical experience teach you. This will make me more reliable to you. As I mention before, I want to offer you useful things. I do not like to offer stuff that play with your feelings and let you get angry or frustrated. You should get what you deserve and that is the best of the best. So I hope you enjoy my blog, be welcome.



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