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Webinars is the future of online marketing. It lets you stay in contact with your customers and grants you a higher profit than ever before.In a fast raising online world it will get more and more difficult for customers to find you or your product. Tons of upload everyday make it hard to stay alive. So innovation is the word.
Webinars are the perfect new innovation for your online marketing. It is easy to do and can be done as long as you have a laptop with internet connection.

But what is a Webinar?

A Webinar is nothing else than a usual seminar, you are presenting your product with an PowerPoint presentation to interested people, with the only difference that you are at home and streaming your Webinar presentation to their home. And that’s the clue about a Webinar. You only have interested people looking at your product. Use your website to promote your upcoming Webinar and your customers will join you.

What are the benefits from a Webinar?

Customers and interested people stay more in touch with you. Through your presentation and your voice you can reach people. So people want to follow you and only want to order your products. Being in touch with somebody grants a higher relation to them, people feel bounded with each other. This leaves a positive relation to you. There through you can promote your products easily. While people are watching you can convince them, while they are leaning back at home.

What makes a Webinar better than a Seminar?

This question leads to another question, what make people buy things? First of all there must be a demand. But even when you have something they want it is not granted that they want to pay for your product. This is where the webinar comes in. Everyone likes to sit at home, the feeling of security is the highest at home. That’s one of the reasons why shopping at home is so successful.
People do more likely spend their money from home than in a shop. A lot of people don’t like when a shopkeeper approaches them Webinar_XSbisand they have to interact with them , even when they are just looking. This will not happen with a webinar. People sitting home and listen, they are anonym and can’t be seen by you. It is the nature of a lot of humans, they are just consuming.

 Should I make a change?

There is a proverb that says: “Innovate or die”. Companies that do not evolve will die. There is no difference between a small online webbusiness and a big company like Amazon. If they will not innovate sooner or later they will run bankrupt. This is the Simple AIDA prinicpe:

  • Attraction
    Is your product attractive to your customer and for how long?
  • Interest
    How interested customers in your product
  • Desire
    Through the time customers will lose interest in your product and leave
  • Action
    This leads to an action, to keep them.

This is the reason why a webinar is so important. You can keep customers and stay attractive to them. You got a 100% source of interested people asking you for an product. So you can handle your traffic source and the product.

That’s why I only can recommend Webinars to you. This Video showes what I mean


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