Is Easywebinar a Powerful Tool?

Can you make more sales with Easywebinar?

Is the Easy Webinar Plugin Truly a Fast Money-Making System?

A smale case how it could work

So, imagine you sell business coaching’s, teaching people how they get more success in online business. our website gets decent traffic, but you’re not able to convert that traffic into meaningful sales. People signup to your newsletter, receive your helpful emails, but don’t really buy your services the way you had hoped.

So after hearing about the power of webinars, you decide to look into the software of Easy Webinar for holding live events for your list, so you can help them understand your services better (which will lead to more sales). After investing in Easy Webinar, the first thing you notice is how simple it was to setup and install on your WordPress site…took less than 10 minutes.
You’re also impressed by all the pre-designed layouts, templates and pages that are available, allowing you to customize great looking pages with drag-n-drop functionality. So you go ahead and prepare the content for your first webinar, which is basically a simple powerpoint presentation that goes over the benefits of plant-based eating, how to setup this diet, and how your service can help them get better results.

Within a few clicks, Easy Webinar has pumped out your registration page, your event page, the thank you page and the event replay page. All you had to do is select some templates and insert your own words and pictures.

Next, you send an email to your list, inviting them to register for the webinar. Within the next 24 hours, about 300 visitors land on the page, and 40 people signup for your webinar!

Now, you’re ready to hold your live webinar using Google Hangouts, which integrates nicely with Easy Webinar. Its nice to know that Google Hangouts is free, so there aren’t any additional expenses you have to take on. The people who signed up for your webinar receive automatic emails reminding them of the webinar, which saves you the hassle of sending manual followups.

The big day is here…you’re ready to hold your first live webinar and you’re shocked at how easy it was to setup a Google Hangout with the Easy Webinar plugin. The webinar event page looks clean and professional, and people start joining in a few minutes before your webinar is about to start.

About 30 out of the 40 people show up for your webinar in the beginning, and you basically start to go over the Powerpoint presentation you created. Its a nice, relaxed setting….people are also chatting with you using the chat box on the event page, so it keeps the event more interactive.

Another 5 people join 10 minutes late into the presentation. Your total presentation, with Q&A, lasts about 45 minutes, and at the end of the presentation, you tell the viewers about your coaching service, highlighting how it can gain more success. Through Easy Webinar, you display a ‘sign up for my service’ button to all your attendees at the precise moment that you’re talking about your services.

To your surprise, 5 people signup for your service, earning you almost $150 in revenue per sale. Thats $750 in revenue from one webinar event that took you a few hours to setup and promote…and you didn’t even have a large list of attendees!

Alright, so the webinar was great, but now what? Do you have to do this event over and over again?

Nope, with Easy Webinar you realize that you can now have that event ‘replay’ over and over again in a completely automated way. All you have to do is continue to send traffic to your event registration page, where people can register for and watch the replay of the webinar…

And the cool thing is, new people who register and watch the replay feel as if they’re actually in the live event itself! Thats because you’re able to setup a schedule for the automated webinar…meaning that when people register, they have to ‘attend’ the webinar on the time and day that you’ve given.

Basically, the webinar presentation that you created once becomes an ongoing money-making funnel that continues to bring you commissions!

The main reason why Easy Webinar works so well is because it allows you to FULLY engage your audience and builds trust in your offer.

Benefits of Easywebinar Plug-in:

Streamlined Setup: with the backoffice interface, its easy to change content, setup your webinars, schedule them and a whole lot more. And you can manage multiple webinars from one interface, a huge time-saver.

Automated Followups: since it fully integrates with Aweber and other email management systems, Easy Webinar will followup with people automatically…which really helps to increase your conversions.

Full Tracking & Analytics: by keeping track of how many people are watching, how long each person watched for, the actions they took and a whole lot more…you’re able to continuously improve your presentations to make more money.

Pre-designed Layouts & Images: don’t have to worry about how your webinar will look, because there are so many designs and images built-in that you can just swipe. Professionalism helps make you look more credible.

Live Simulation: your audience will ‘feel’ as if they’re in a live event, because your recorded webinars will be setup to fully mimic a webinar taking place in real time. The ‘live’ feel of an event puts people in a better mood to take action.

But the BIGGEST But the BIGGEST benefit of Easy Webinar, by far, is that you’re able to multiply your one-time effort many times over by setting up automated webinars that continue to bring in sales & commissions…without doing extra work.

And another HUGE benefit is being able to focus your energy & enthusiasm into just one presentation, and then using that best presentation over and over again for awesome response.


Casey Zeman the creator of Easy Webinar

Casey Zeman doesn’t really need an introduction in the internet marketing industry, and he’s very well known. Whats more important is his ‘social media’ and ‘audience engagement’ expertise.
He focuses on helping you to build fans and followers through the power of video and events. Also he is keen on developing tools to simplify your life. Ultimately he helps you to build your own online business and presence by tapping into your existing resources and talents.

Casey has a proven track record and he is a well respected in the Internet Marketing community.


Cons of Easy Webinar

Really, an awesome piece of software, but how in the world are you going to make money with it?
Being able to setup Live and Automated webinars doesn’t mean anything until you can drive traffic and attendees to your webinar, right? Oh, and how much you sell through your webinar will depend on the success of your presentation.

So even though it is a great software, it’s just another fancy object unless you know what to do with it…concentrate on the right niche and generate traffic to your webinars.

It would be nice if Easy Webinar also had an option to be used outside of the WordPress platform. Right now, you need a bunch of things like a domain, a hosting account, and not to mention WordPress needs to be installed so you can use Easy Webinar. A ‘hosted’ version of Easy Webinar would provide better flexibility.

Another awesome feature to have would be ability to have ‘customized’ and automated followups for people who didn’t show up to the webinar, asking them to register for a different date. So for people who missed the Webinar, it would give them a ‘2nd opportunity’ to register, instead of just watching a replay. That way, people who missed the webinar won’t get the easy way out thru the replay…they must register again and attend!

Lastly, if you don’t already have a lot of traffic or a good size list, this Plugin is not going to help you to generate new traffic.


So if you already have decent traffic and people are interested in your service but don’t buy it, Easywebinar is a powerful tool. A live presentation about what you do make it easier to understand what you are doing. The people who signed up for your webinar were already interested, but didn’t buy anything. After your presentation they did order your service.

A big pro is, you do not have to do this over and over again, you simply click on Replay and let go. But this all depends on your traffic and presentation skills. A boring uninteresting presentation will not increase your sales and drive more traffic to your page. It is just a tool that depends on the person who uses it. So it is no magical money maker that grants you lot of sales. As usual it depends on you. So if you like presentations and you are good at it go for Easywebinar.



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