Improve your Presentation Skills

Improve your Presentation Skills


This will be a new rubric. I want to talk about helpful stuff that could be useful for you. Today I want to talk about presentation skills. During my studies for social work I learned some important social skills. Most people think a social worker doesn’t need to sell things, but that is not true.
Most public events, social projects or community interventions are paid by the government. But they don’t spend their money for stuff they don’t need. It is necessary that you could convince the local mayor or anyone who is responsible for project’s like that. That mean you have to prepare for an acquisition interview. It’s a sort of presentation, but more interactive. You will give the customer an overview of your product through a short presentation. It is highly important that you gather all facts about your product, no hidden costs that your customer gets. After you showed the product leave the field for your customers. Ask them about your product, what do they think? If they are doubtful about your product try to convince them that it is necessary.

Just a Case

Imagine you are selling health services. You gain a big opportunity and a customer shows interest in your product. But he isn’t sure about your product. You showed him what your services contain and that he w6a00d8341c500653ef0162fd7f5b44970dould benefit from a balanced diet. He is still doubtful after your presentation.

First of all, why is that? Maybe he is in fear to lose some of his personal freedom or he do not understand some parts of your product. That is your part to find out, by asking him open questions about your product. Open questions, are questions that are not answered with yes or no, so that you can get deeper into the topic.
After your presentation you ask the customer: “Do you have any questions?” Most of all this will lead to silence, but it is important to ask. But if he has questions he needs the opportunity to ask.
Do you have questions is a closed-question that can answered with yes or no.

After you handled the Q&A section you just ask him if he is interested in purchasing your product.
If he said yes, everything is fine, but if he said no its your part to find out why. But don’t let the customer feel uncomfortable. Just ask: “Can you tell me why you don’t want to buy, I want to find out, that is part of my evaluation.” “So that I can adjust that in my presentation.”
This question keeps the distance but is is understandable why you want to know. Whatever he answered to this question keep asking deeper on what he answered. So you will find out what him really keeps off to buy your product.

Tips for presentation:

  • Stay authentically (don’t play a role, be yourself. People will notice it)
  • Watch your listeners attitude, are they looking interested or sleeping away?
  • Keep it interesting
  • Don’t just stand at one point, by moving through the location listeners must keep to follow you with their eyes. This will grant more attention and keep them more energized .
  • Use different media. Make use of video, sound and whatever there is.
    Only listen to one voice can let the listeners drift away through the time.
  • If your presentation is longer than 2 hours, make sure you plan a break.
  • Use touchable things to assist your presentation. If people can touch things thinipi_stein_540x350ey easier remember the topic. Using the haptic sense will add a third sense, so the listener can better remember.
  • Don’t add to much Theory. If you are talking about health services do not add to much theory about it.These are a few tips for presentation.


More questions?

If you have more questions or want a coaching to get better presentation skills write me an E-mail and we will see what is possible. This is a service i can offer you.


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