How to set up a Webinar?

Start setting up a Webinar


How to setting up a Webinar is depending on which software you use. I highly recommend to you to use EasyWebinar. It is easy to handle and is just set up within 10minitues. I found this Video by the creator itself and it is very handy. I use it my self an its getting done very Quick.

Setting up a Webinar

Why EasyWebinar?

The big advantage of easywebinar is that you are free to chose, whether you choose your mobile phone, tablet or computer to host your Webinar. So imagine, you are lying at your pool while you hosting a webinar. You stay in touch with your customers where ever you would. This will grant you so much independence.
Automation is the big word using this platform. That is the reason why it is so easy to use. Set everything up within seconds.

Another advantage will be granted if you own the EasyWebinar Commercial License, there through you get the chance to host your Webinar at your client’s website, not only your page. This will make it easier to stay in touch with you. So you can help them out at what their are the best, their business.
With this licence to you can also give 5 other people access to EasyWebinar.



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