Future of Presentations

We all came a long road, The future of presentation.

Remember the day when PowerPoint was the best and the most awesome presentation you could do? People was astonished by the use of such a technique. Setting up the beamer, try to get everything working. Sometimes you went crazy because something didn’t work. The beamer did not show a picture, the laptop screen went black when connected with the beamer. Nothing worked at all. But still, if it worked, it is a useful tool. PowerPoint, for most of the time, was the most efficient way to present. Better than streaming with an old projector every sheet on the wall.

You could master the use of a PowerPoint presentation and its effects to the listeners. Using only small phrases and not to may text. So that the important topics stick to the listeners. After years of using PowerPoint I discovered Prezi.Future of presentation

The first time I saw it, it looked better and smother to me than Powerpoint. It just had one big sheet, where you could zoom in and out. This made it even more remarkable for the listeners to remember. By using helpful media people easier made a connection between a picture and what you said.
At the end of a presentation when the listeners saw the whole sheet, they just could use the small images I used to better remember what I said. So when I ask them questions they better remember, even if they did not write anything down.

The future

In the future long seminar will extinct, because of a lot of reasons. On a seminar people get send through a program they maybe don’t like. Just by hearing a few wise words from someone they actually came for. So they drive an hour or more to get to the place of destination. When they arrive they need to check in, talk to people they don’t know and listen to people they don’t like. This is unsatisfying and exhausting. Even worse if the guy who came to this seminar is a customer. You maybe loose him.
But this will change, through webinars. People just sign in by their E-mail or Website-ID. After they did, they decide which webinar they want to join and everything is fine. No more checking if the beamer is working. You just press the stream button to start. People don’t need to travel mils to listen to you. Just by a few clicks everything is set up and all customers can listen to you.Workplace-Webinar

Imagine, this could be the future for schooling, kids don’t get to school anymore. They just sitting home and listen to the teacher. Can’t handle the school bullies? Just press the mute button. School’s don’t need to handle with drugs anymore and our children stay save at home.
This also leads to less pollution because there are no more school buses driving around. Only problem is PE, but this could be handled by sign the kids into a local sportsclub.


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